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Submission of Abstracts for the 2020 BSCOS / IPOS Meeting

Abstracts from the Israel Pediatric Orthopedic Society should be submitted here.

Abstracts of up to 300 words should be submitted electronically using the form on this page before midnight on 30th November 2019.

Please note that abstracts will only be reviewed after the closing date and any which deviate from these instructions will be rejected with no chance for resubmission.

The senior author must be prepared to endorse the abstract. If the senior author is not a member of BSCOS then the submission must be sponsored by a member of the society, and their endorsement indicated. In the event of authors not being able to obtain endorsement they should contact the Hon Sec.


Abstracts may only be submitted using the form on this page. The guidelines for each field must be followed. For example, the purpose must be a single sentence and any attempt to use more than that will be rejected.

Tables, pictures, graphs and other images may not be included.

Only common abbreviations should be used. If unusual abbreviations are used, the full phrase must be used in parentheses the first time it appears.

Do not embolden or underline any text.

Do not mention sponsors.

Do not use commercial names of medicines.

The word count (purpose, methods, results & conclusion) will be checked and must not exceed 300.

The level of evidence stated should be as per JBJS Guidelines

Once your abstract has been received an automatic acknowledgement will be sent to your email address.

All abstracts will be anonymised and then ranked by the members of the Executive Board and Reading Committee

The decision of the Executive Board will be delivered electronically before 14th December 2019.

Submitted data will be used for no other purpose than the selection as described above, organisation of the Annual Meeting and publication of abstracts in the Proceedings of the Bone & Joint Journal afterwards.

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