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Previous BSCOS Meetings

Date Venue Theme Organiser Links
March 2019 Norwich Deformity: Science and Surgery Mr A. Sanghrajka Programme
March 2018 Stoke-on-Trent Paediatric Trauma & The Paediatric Knee Mr D. Emery Mr J. Dwyer Ms M. Belen Carsi Ms E. Shears Programme
March 2017 Glasgow The Adolescent Hip (Combined with SBOF) Mr D. Rowland Programme
March 2016 Stoke Mandeville Spinal Injury, Orthotics & Paediatric Networks Miss J. Hicks Programme
March 2015 Liverpool CP & The Paediatric Spine Mr C. Bruce Programme
March 2014 Aberdeen Controversies in Children's Orthopaedics Mr S. Barker Programme
June 2013 Leicester Skeletal Dysplasias Mr A. Abraham Programme
January 2013 St George's, London Prenatal Diagnosis Miss K. Daly Programme
June 2012 Plymouth Trauma Mr R. Jeffrey, Mr B. Holroyd, Mr J. Metcalfe Programme
January 2012 Belfast Perthes' Disease Mr A. Cosgrove Programme
July 2011 Oxford Children's Orthopaedics Beyond Britain Mr A. Wainwright Programme
January 2011 Sheffield Combined with BLRS Mr J. Fernandes, Mr M. Flowers, Mr S. Royston Programme
June 2010 Stanmore Upper limb Miss S. Tennant Programme
January 2010 Coventry DDH Mr G. Pattison
June 2009 Caen Combined SOFOP
January 2009 Birmingham Adolescent & young adult hip Mr J. O'Hara
June 2008 Bristol Perthes Mr G. Atherton
January 2008 Taunton NAI Mr C. Ogilvie
June 2007 Glasgow Infection Mr R. Duncan
January 2007 Newcastle Neuromuscular Mr P. Henman
June 2006 Blackburn Perthes Mr R. Paton
January 2006 Milton Keynes Injury prevention Mr G. Miller
June 2005 Dublin Mr M. Stevens
January 2005 Bart's & The London Trauma Mr M. Barry
June 2004 Edinburgh Combined GEOP Mr J. Robb
January 2004 Leicester Mr C. Kershaw
June 2003 Sheffield Metabolic bone disease Mr M. Bell
January 2003 Bristol Mr M. Gargan
June 2002 Toulouse Combined GEOP
January 2002 Southampton Fractures Prof N. Clarke
June 2001 Oswestry Neuromuscular Mr G. Evans
January 2001 Milton Keynes Playground injuries
June 2000 Leeds Mr B. Scott
January 2000 London Combined GEOP Mr D. Hunt
July 1999 Edinburgh Tumours Mr J. Robb
January 1999 Nottingham Trauma in children Mr J. Hunter
July 1998 Liverpool Muscular dystrophy Mr J. Dorgan
January 1998 Swansea Growth plate Mr D. Jones
July 1997 Middlesborough Technical advances Mr R. Montgomery
January 1997 Birmingham CTEV Mr C. Bradish
July 1996 Oxford Skeletal dysplasias Mr M. Benson
January 1996 St Mary's Infection Mr D. Hunt
July 1995 St Mary's Cancelled (rail strike) Mr D. Hunt
January 1995 Southampton Trauma Prof N. Clarke
July 1994 Canterbury Cerebral palsy Mr M. Conybeare
January 1994 Sheffield Leg lengthening Mr M. Bell
July 1993 Dublin DDH older child Mr T. O'Brien
January 1993 Manchester Cerebral palsy Mr C. Galasko
July 1992 Glasgow Foot Mr G. Bennet
January 1992 London Neuromuscular Mr B. Roper
July 1991 Newcastle Infection Mr M. Leonard
January 1991 Stoke Forearm fractures Mr D. Edwards
July 1990 Edinburgh Late hip problems Mr M. McNicol
January 1990 Norwich CTEV Mr K. Tucker
July 1989 Oswestry Skeletal dysplasias Mr G. Evans
January 1989 Cardiff DDH Mr B. McKibbon
July 1988 Westminster Hospital Leg lengthening Mr P. Aichroth
January 1988 Bristol Cerebral palsy Mr P. Witherow
July 1987 Southampton DDH Mr J. Wilkinson
January 1987 Oxford DDH Mr M. Benson
July 1986 Liverpool DDH Mr R. Owen
January 1986 Birmingham Spine dislocation Mr M. Harrison
July 1985 Nottingham NAI Mr C. Colton
January 1985 Great Ormond Street Perthes Mr J. Fixsen
June 1984 Sheffield Foot Prof J. Sharrard
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