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BSCOS Research Grants Information 2023
BSCOS makes £10,000 available each year in the form of grants for clinically focussed research by its members. These could be pilot projects or feasibility studies that allow a project to become ready for a large grant application, or they may be smaller projects that require extra funded support such as for the costs of professional statistical analysis or patient transport. The current maximum that can be applied for is up to £5000 and a formal application and justification for costs should be submitted to the Chair of the BSCOS Research committee for consideration, by
January 1st 2024.
BSCOS can also support statistical costs for initial early stage research. If statistical costs are required, the applicant should contact their preferred university statistical service  unit to determine the cost of an initial advice meeting (this is typically £100-200). If this service is not available locally the committee can recommend a suitable provider. Following e-mail application to the BSCOS research committee, this costs can be funded by BSCOS on receiving and official receipt. This can be done when needed and is not restricted to a formal call for applications. If larger costs are anticipated, because more extensive statistical input is necessary, then a formal application to the Research Committee is required. Each BSCOS member can apply for statistical support funding to support one project per year.
The BSCOS Research Committee

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