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Research Grants 2019

Scope of call
BSCOS is inviting clinically focused pilot or feasibility studies that ideally will answer research questions in line with the recently published research priorities. These grants are designed to enable investigators to gather the data needed to move the research to the next stage. Ideally, this is intended to be pump-prime funding and applicants are asked to outline how they will leverage the grant to obtain further funding from external funding bodies.
All applications must be hypothesis-driven. Applicants should clearly define the study as a feasibility or pilot study (as defined by NIHR) and demonstrate a clear pathway to the next phase of research beyond the end of BSCOS funding.
We will not consider applications under this scheme for proposals that aim to establish audits, databases and registries or are mainly service development.

Funding available
Up to £10,000 is available to spend under this call and it is anticipated that we will fund a range of proposals from different investigators. Projects of up to 18 months duration will be considered. Lead applicants must be members of BSCOS. Funding will be provided for the direct costs of research such as research staff and consumables. We will not fund salary costs for lead applicants (consultants).

Please submit your proposal including a clear budget justification in which you outline when you intend to spend the funding.
The deadline for applications is 6th September 2019. Successful applicants will be notified within 8 weeks.
For further information please contact

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