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BSCOS Trainee Bursary

The purpose of this £750 Bursary is to support the costs incurred by a trainee presenting a paper relevant to the practice of children's orthopaedic surgery at an overseas meeting.

Further details, terms and conditions may be found here.

The application must include a statement detailing:

1. Support by a member of BSCOS in good standing.

2. The meeting at which the work will be presented.

3. The accepted abstract.

4. Confirmation that the presentation will be given from the podium.

5. The proposed budget.

6. An indication of financial support from other sources.

BSCOS support must be acknowledged at the beginning or end of the presentation.

Applications for bursaries should be submitted electronically to the Hon Secretary by midnight of 1st February 2020. The successful applicant will be informed in advance of, and whenever possible, should attend the BSCOS Annual Meeting in Norwich to be presented with the bursary.

The recipient must commit to present the work for which the bursary has been awarded at the subsequent Annual Meeting of the Society, if invited with appropriate advance notification.

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